• Carlin Belof

    Beautiful and The Damned – Damn Wonderful!

    Tonight was an awesome night at the Beautiful and the Damned at Zelda’s.  I was so happy to be present tonight for the first year anniversary of the Beautiful and the Damned, a monthly gathering of artistic talent and warm kind hearts at Zelda’s restaurant.  I am always swept away by the good natured atmosphere
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  • Ollie

    An Ollie Kind of Day

    Sometimes, when you are really lucky, you have people in your life that offer you something priceless.  Sometimes it’s love, sometimes guidance, sometimes a warm hug when you really need one, sometimes a shoulder to cry on, or a secret kiss just because they can. Sometimes, you’ll find someone funny enough to make you laugh
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  • Steve Plumley and Ellie Anderson

    Human Heroes

    April 29, 2012 No Comments Charity, Inspiration

    Heroes don’t always wear capes, and flashy tights.  They don’t always have super strength, or laser beam eyes. Sometimes, they are just normal humans that do extraordinary things. They are people that go above and beyond for our planet and the inhabitants on it.  I’m lucky enough to personally know some of these human heroes,
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  • Wonder W IV

    The Wonderful Women at Wonder Women IV

    Kat Leonard squealed like an excited school girl and pounced on me as I walked through the doors of The Central. The first time I played at The Central was with Marcus Walker in a songwriters circle and since then I’ve always enjoyed visiting. Maybe the warm, easy going atmosphere and twinkling lights speaks to
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  • ellielasttemptation

    Last Temptation

    The first time I saw Jessica Speziale perform was at an open mic at Detour Bar in Kensington Market. Her lively stage presence captivated me instantly and I remember thinking to myself, “Aha! This is a girl that I can see myself sharing a bill with!”  We’ve kept in contact since, having similar friends and
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  • Ellie Anderson

    The Birth of A Poetry Slam Monster

    I felt different as I stepped out of Zelda’s into the cool crisp evening air. After much compelling banter with Lizzie Violet following my feature at the same venue the previous month, I had promised her that I would come back and read a poem that I had written, but had never been brave enough
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  • Lizzie VIolet, Ellie Anderson, Kat Leonard

    Dave’s on St. Clair

    March 11, 2012 No Comments Music, Shows, Venues

    I always love gigs where I get the chance to sit behind a kit and bang, bang, bang to my 4/4 time heart’s content .  Last night at Dave’s on St. Clair was one of those nights.  A dear friend of mine, Bob Ryder who is talented beyond his years, kicked off the evening with
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  • Ellie Anderson Turn it Up Tuesdays

    Tota Lounge: Totally the Place to be in Toronto on Tuesday Night.

    July 27, 2011 No Comments Music, Shows, Venues

    My guitar case bounces on my back as I run down a packed Toronto street weaving my way in and out of slower moving pedestrians. I dodge a cyclist that has taken to the sidewalk to avoid a line up of cars honking angrily at each other and hop over a stray cardboard box that
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  • Ellie Anderson

    Heat Wave at The Waterfront Night Market

    July 25, 2011 No Comments Shows, Venues

    The heat covered me like a blanket, hot and damp against my skin. The sun had long since set below the horizon but the temperature remained at 35 degrees. Vendors were lined up in neat rows back to back, selling their wares to swarms of excited people gathered at the Waterfront Night Market at Polson Pier
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